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Empowering IT to Deliver a Best-in-Class Digital Employee Experience with ControlUp and IGEL
With real-time monitoring across VDI, SaaS and web applications, unified communications tools, and physical endpoints, plus insights into user sentiment and metrics that help IT quickly identify problems, ControlUp is a comprehensive digital employee experience (DEX) management platform that makes remote work work better.

Pair that with an endpoint OS–like IGEL OS–that’s designed for secure, flexible access to cloud-delivered digital workspaces, and the work-from-anywhere world is your oyster.

Together, ControlUp and IGEL can enable IT to power the work-from-anywhere world and deliver a friction-free digital employee experience, no matter where people are working. In this session you will learn:

•How ControlUp integrates with IGEL
•How to use ControlUp to monitor IGEL devices historically and in real-time
•How ControlUp can help identify and measure key client-side and end-to-end performance metrics


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